Useful React Libraries For Easy Development
react libraries for easy development
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4 October 2022
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You should stay updated with current technological trends, whether you work as a developer or in the IT sector and you should always learn about new advancements in the industry.

React JS JavaScript library launched in 2013 and to date, it is getting massive recognition around the globe. Developers mainly using these user interfaces for web, desktop, and hybrid applications are the array of React component libraries. 

Best React Component Libraries

1. Material UI

Material UI, developed by Google and renowned for facilitating React components is faster and simpler for web development. It is one of the well-known React components that is easy to operate, attractive, and lightweight.

It was introduced a couple of years ago but due to frequent improvements, it is still popular. Create your own design system fast and easily, or begin with material design. The main benefit of the component library is that it gives programmers access to an extensive selection of clean, affordable, and highly adaptable components. One of the most famous React components is MUI. It is well known for accelerating and simplifying web development.

2. React Bootstrap

A user interface framework called React Bootstrap is based on the Bootstrap library, which is widely used in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS libraries. Undoubtedly, it’s the quickest method to begin developing React and Bootstrap user interfaces.

The updates with React-Bootstrap ensure offering the most stable solution for development with the help of the incorporation of the bootstrap features in the virtual DOM. 

3. Semantic UI React

Semantic UI is one of the best jQuery-based libraries that improve the usefulness of your pipeline. It includes a lot of pre-built parts that make it easier to comprehend and produce code that is semantically sound.

Semantic UI React is a better choice because developers won’t face a shortage of customizable elements leading to unleashing uninterrupted creativity. Sometimes there may be chances of facing issues in the library that are a bit complex.

4. Blueprint UI

Blueprint UI is an open-source web-based UI toolkit package built on React. It divides component libraries based on use cases and essential dependencies in addition to its core component package. Some of the components are Core components, Datetime components, Select components, Table components, Timezone components, etc.

The Blueprint comes with light and dark mode themes and adjustable design elements such as classes, color schemes, and typography. That fantastic UI package offers usability standards with all the components that seem out of the box. Besides, it gave you access to light and dark themes according to your requirements.

5. Grommet

Compared to other frameworks like Material UI or Ant, Grommet is built on React and offers a more lively appearance and experience. It is a platform that offers themes, responsiveness, modularity, and accessibility.

The construction of responsive, accessible, mobile-first websites is made easier by this component bundle. Grommet’s ease of use in starting new projects or adding them to current ones is one of its most alluring features.

One of the most popular alternatives, the Grommet, does have the ability to provide everything that is offered in a compact package in terms of accessibility, responsiveness, modularity, and themes. It has a highly attractive, lightweight website design that distinguishes component design. Additionally, you will receive assistance and documentation.

6. Chakra UI 

Chakra UI is a React components library that comes with built-in accessibility. So developers just go with customizing the components easily to match the design specifications.

Chakra-UI provides simple, composable, and accessible React components that make it simple to construct apps and websites more quickly. It also gives an easy approach to generating custom themes.

Developers can just go with the creation of the new components quickly. The community is also using these components and is very active in all kinds of help.

7. Onsen UI

A mobile app development framework called Onsen UI supports Angular, Vue.js, and React. Since some components are automatically styled depending on the platform, the same source code can support both iOS and Android.

These days, companies are working on the development of cross-browser-compatible mobile. So as an app developer who has faced the pain of dealing with the device or operating system-based compatibility issues, you will find interest when you’re using OnsenUI.

8. Fluent UI

Microsoft introduced Fluent UI. It is one of the components that have behaviors and graphics similar to Microsoft Office products.

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You can get a user interface library that offers compatibility with the desktop, iOS devices, and Android. It offers pre-built components that can be useful for developing most of the parts of the application. Fluent UI is suitable for web development as it employs a straightforward approach that applies CSS to all its elements. As a result, changing a single element will not impact your total style.

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