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Our client, JobarooT Legal Recruitment, recently secured a landmark project that was, still is, the largest single contract in Kuwait’s legal recruitment history. Stoppers obviously popped!

In order to deliver on a series of highly challenging targets – which included recruiting 600 staff within the first six months, and – as Master Vendor managing the 2nd tier of recruitment partners – Innvonix designed and developed a bespoke recruitment portal that delivered on its promise to save our client&’s client lots of time and lots and lots of money… while maintaining the highest levels of legal talent management.

To our client’s highly technical spec and demanding brief, Innvonix designed and built a recruitment portal that has already delivered beyond its target efficiencies, savings and volumes.

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Jobaroot Legal Recruitment needed a seriously robust, efficient, and intuitive recruitment portal that was far more than a bog-standard online repository for vacancies and CVs.

They required a secure and sophisticated web application that would improve candidate flow by eliminating process blockages, reducing the client’s HR administration time, removing duplicate candidates, allowing real-time status reporting for all hiring managers, and delivering tiered-access management information.

While developing the ‘JOBAROOT’ website and mobile app, user engagement was our topmost priority. Creating an interactive, tinder-like, swipe-able job search application is something that can engage youth at a higher level. And perhaps, this is the reason why we built a website and mobile job portal for the job seekers in such a way that they keep coming back for more.

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KEY Aspects

  • Optimizing Search through Jobaroot

  • Deliver location-based Job Search

  • Headhunting techniques

  • Poor User Experience

  • Payment gateway integration

  • Building a Multilingual Application

  • The biggest challenge was to create a unique and handy system as there are already many similar products available to companies and giving a strong competition to each other.

  • Perfection in the sense of UI (user interface) with smooth animations throughout was the last challenge for us.

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the innvonix

Innvonix Technologies INNVONIX TECHNOLOGIES team used the mobile first approach and developed the solution from scratch. The project plan was focused on developing a common platform to serve both web and mobile users. The portal was built using the Laravel framework due to its ease of use, scalability, flexibility, and enhanced security.

We went on to shape up this project in the best possible way by integrating social media signups like Facebook and LinkedIn to strengthen user profiles. And being a tinder like job search platform, we integrated all the possible tinder elements that contribute to the usability of the Apply app.

We ensured quality coding and testing before delivery.

The search functionality was made intuitive to enable it to return accurate results.

  • Our team developed an efficient HR business module that let companies in digitizing their recruitment process in order to remove all paperwork.

  • We ensured quality coding and testing before the delivery.

  • Search functionality was made intuitive to enable it to return the accurate results.

  • We have deployed many new and advanced features so that it came out as the unique HR module as compared to other online recruitment portals.

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  • Register on the website.

  • Edit/update their personal information, like experience, location, field, functional area, industry, expected salary, etc.

  • Upload their CV’s onto the website.

  • Search/apply for the vacancies in one click.

  • Advanced job search: Candidates can view the most suitable jobs, and employers can find the best qualified candidates through advanced search.

  • To narrow down the search process, a location and keyword based search was placed on the website, and this advanced search functionality has helped to find the required job without visiting each job page.

  • Jobaroot is job portal for refreshers where they need to register themselves to apply for particular job post for FREE.

  • A hiring agency or a company itself can register with the Apply mobile app to search for potential candidates for the required vacancies.

  • When a user logs in as a company, plenty of relevant details, such as the company name, industry, size, and other information, are required to be verified.

  • Once the verification is successful, the company can post job requirements from the web-based interface.

  • As a user, the company’s representative, or HR, can manage the application in search of the right candidates for the job.

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The Impact

  • 90% Reduction in time to hire.

  • 300% Increased “CV Send” to “Offer Accepted” turnaround by 300%.

  • 90% On boarding process: Portal has delivered reduction in time to hire

  • Average CV-send to Offer Accept time: 9.63 days Vs pre-portal: 28 days – 300% improvement!

  • Estimated saving of £0000s due to time saving efficiencies

  • To date, the system has handled 2,000+ candidates

key results

  • Faster turnaround time is possible by automating the job application process

  • Better user experience with minimalistic navigation structure

  • Mobile ready solution with responsive layouts

  • Intuitive job alerts, mobile push notifications

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