Key challenges

The key challenges that INNVONIX was presented with were:

The most common problem users identified was the availability of the doctor. They did not know when & which doctor was available in that department. Also the timings were not specified when appointment was booked through call. Also, this information was not updated on the current website either.


Disease/ Symptom based Doctors


Doctor’s Availability


Upcoming Visits are not clear


Not sure about the doctors performance

Survey Findings

After conducting the online surveys, we identified common suggestions from various sources indicating the hassle of visiting a multi-speciality hospital.


Too much stress to visit a hospital


Seems Expensive


Timings not clear


Worried about
hospital policies

To develop a real-time, secure and integrated healthcare information exchange platform with innovative features such as telehealth and telemedicine modules, that brings together all the stakeholders in the healthcare delivery ecosystem.

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