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My diet studio is an online diet and wellness program provider that typically provides a variety of services to help individuals lose weight and improve their overall health.



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Diet Studio follows some steps to analyze your health history and plan your diet. The first step is an assessment where you need to fill in your personal details, medical history, lifestyle history, diet history, diet recall, etc. The second step is about body composition analysis to make sure that you lose fat and not just weight. The third step is about personalizing a diet plan where we design a diet keeping in mind your lifestyle. Apart from that providing regular meetings to understand or change meal plans and being available for queries on WhatsApp, message, or call.

Diet Studio provides online diet and wellness programs to individuals to make better lifestyles. Also, their main goal is for individuals should achieve their weight loss and health goals in a convenient, accessible, and affordable way.

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One business problem that this type of service provider faces is retaining customers due to a loss of motivation over time. But we regularly communicate with customers and provide them with new resources such as recipes, workout plans, educational articles, etc., and keep them engaged and motivated. Apart from that, we provide customers with personalized support, such as one-on-one coaching and tracking progress to keep customers engaged.

Collecting data and using it to improve the program is a very effective way to continuously improve the customer experience. Innvonix has supported promoting accountability through technical configurations like progress tracking, check-ins, progress reports, etc. to help customers stay motivated and accountable for their progress.


Solutions from

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Many online diet and wellness programs are highly personalized and we need to develop solutions that can handle a wide variety of user preferences, dietary plans, and fitness goals.

User-friendly interfaces

Sometimes clients using online platforms may need to be more technically savvy but we ensure that their solutions have user-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate.

Mobile and offline capabilities

Many users don’t want to access the service online on mobile devices or on mobile apps. However, we ensured that their solutions can be accessed on multiple platforms and support offline access too.

Data security and privacy solutions

We take care of customers' concerns for security and make sure that customer data is protected from unauthorized access. For example, encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Virtual coaching

We also help this type of company in managing their services like one-on-one sessions or consultations with dietitians. Also, services like guides or personal training to the users.

Mobile app

We have also developed a mobile app for Diet Studio to help their customers access their services online as well as communicate with them from their smartphones.

Platforms for personalized meal and workout plans

We have offered solutions that help program providers create and deliver personalized meal plans and workout plans to their customers.

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key Challenges

Program management
(add or delete)

Measure continuous progress

Provide accountability


Make IT easy to cancel or pause the program

Continuously improve
the program

Key Features of
Diet Studio

Diet Plan, Health Tips,
and Consultation:

The platform provides personalized diet plans based on an individual's dietary needs, preferences, and goals. Also, communicate online and take advice to select a program.

Staff management

This feature was developed for managing tasks. This feature helps to assign particular tasks to the responsible person and also handles which person is responsible for completing respective tasks.

Recipes Posting and
Health Reads

Diet Studio posts healthy recipes with details like ingredients, directions, and notes. Also, in the health read section, they post detailed blogs with advantages, disadvantages, and health tips.

Schedule reschedules

Customers are not only able to schedule appointments online but they are also able to reschedule appointments. Apart from that they easily select, change, or pause any program.

(Body Composition

Let’s figure out how much fat you need to lose and how much muscle you may need to gain. Because Diet Studio makes sure that you lose fat and not just weight!

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