Project background

When we talk about cricket, especially in India, it’s all about the craziness and passion for Cricket and a huge number of fans are gathering to celebrate cricket as a festival. But managing such a huge crowd is the biggest challenge for the stadium management department. Most of the people who come to watch a cricket match for the first time in their lives do not even know how to reach their seats. Thus, they are in requirement of getting pleasant experience of the game and need a better guiding system.

Cricfeed website and platform are mainly catering to all the cricket fans in the world who are either obsessed with getting the fastest updates on the sport or have the passion to organise their own tournaments. Cricfeed provides a web and mobile app platform for its users to follow all the latest updates in the world of cricket. You can also create and manage your own tournaments, teams, matches, venues, and players. The ability to customize your tournament as per your needs adds more fun to the local tournaments.

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