This platform aims to bring both the Professional and Street cricket into one place. This proved to be a key challenge considering the rules of cricket change based on where it is being played and how. Another challenge was to bring local tournaments on a bigger platform and provide them the opportunity to be BIG, even bigger than the International cricket. Many local tournaments are played with great passion and huge emotional investments.

Every week, there are hundreds if not thousands of local tournaments organised and played but they don’t get that visibility. This platform helps ease the management and monitoring of local tournaments, increases transparency and helps everyone focus on the game rather than the management.

Key challenges faced by the client prior to having this solution:

  • There is no platform for local tournaments.

  • Match updates are managed on paper, which leads to a lack of transparency.

  • Missing player details and last minute changes make it difficult for organizers.

  • Required to be at Venue for live score details

  • difficulty in growing the popularity of local tournaments

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