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We offer various solutions to Web 3.0 native gaming companies to help them overcome the challenges they may face. Some of the solutions we offer include :

Region assignment and control inside the metaverse

Region assignment and control in a metaverse refers to the ability for users to claim and control specific virtual areas within the metaverse. In a decentralized metaverse, region assignment and control are typically implemented using blockchain technology and we have experienced developers able to build this creation.

Authentication of transactions using whitelisting and blacklisting users

Authentication of transactions using whitelisting and blacklisting users is an important feature for Web3 native gaming companies. As it helps to ensure the integrity and fairness of in-game transactions and interactions while protecting against fraud and malicious behavior. This helps to create a more secure and trusted gaming environment for all players.

User profile and cryptocurrency management

By providing this feature Web3 native gaming companies can create a more seamless and secure experience for users. It allows them to easily manage their digital identity and assets and also conduct transactions within the metaverse.

Revenue and Payouts management and Insights on profit and loss

Revenue and Payouts management and Insights on profit and loss are important features for any Web 3.0 native gaming company. Because this can help to ensure that revenue is distributed fairly and transparently among all stakeholders. Our developers use the latest metaverse platforms which offer analytics and insights tools to track the performance of virtual assets and optimize revenue generation.

Management of transactions using the native currency AV$

As it allows players to conduct in-game transactions and manage their digital assets in a secure and seamless way it is a very important feature.By using native currency, the company can also have more control over the economy of the metaverse and offer different types of incentives to the players.

Splash page

Splash pages can be used in different ways, like a landing page, an event page, a coming soon page, or a product launch page. Our developers have created one to provide actionable insights like last month’s logins, unique users to visit new regions, number of regions, and new members registration.

Friends list and Group listing from the website of metaverse

A friends list and group listing is an important feature on the website of a metaverse as it is a way for users to connect and interact with other users within the virtual world. Both friends list and group listing are important features for a metaverse as they help to create a sense of community and we offer this feature to our clients who want to develop metaverse website.

Marketing and mass email solution for Microsoft Outlook

Marketing and mass email solutions for Microsoft Outlook are tools that allow users to create, manage, and send email campaigns to a large number of recipients using Microsoft Outlook. These solutions can be used to create and send newsletters, promotional emails, and other types of marketing communications.

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