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As one of the top Angular Development Company, we blend agile concepts, an innovator’s perspective, and our considerable experience to design single-page applications. One of the key reasons to utilize Angular is its Enterprise level capability and extensive feature set, which aids in achieving a quick time to market. Also, Angular has ready-made modules that help with project growth, making it a good enterprise application choice.

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We have developed multiple projects from different industries across the globe and our team of AngularJS developers are always there to understand your requirements and help you bring your ideas to technical working projects.


Dancero online event management platform
search for dance event
dancers events


Dancero is an online event management platform that allows dance trainers to book venues and dancers to sign up for events. Dancero offers services like ticket booking, event listing, and event management.

Doctoray telemedicine platform
contact with doctors online
how to book doctor


Doctoray is a telemedicine platform for booking your doctor appointment anywhere and anytime online. This type of app would solve patient problems by contact with doctors online in the comfort of your home using chat, phone, or video call features.

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    Single Page Application

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    Reduced Development Time

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    Cross Platform Compatibility

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    Universal Server support

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    Extensive Material Design Library

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    Typescript helps in Keeping Code Neat

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    Improved Speed and Performance.

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    Design Development Workflow

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    MVC and MVVM Architecture

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Agile is a Proven Software Development Methodology that allows us to scale up or down the functionality. Unlike traditional SDLC cycles, Agile methodology takes a strategy that allows for quick development, testing, and ability to adopt new changes.


Innvonix follows SDLC( Software Development Life Cycle) Methodology to fulfill our customer’s requirements. Depending on the project, we choose the best approach for achieving goals and delivering excellence.



In today’s environment, security is the foremost concern, and we ensure that the softwares we build is protected from any threats and vulnerabilities. Our stringent coding processes help minimize the risk of cyber attacks.


We believe in delivering the finest possible outcome for every project we do, and as a result, we have a team of certified Quality Analysts who ensure that every product developed or handled by our company is QA tested prior to being tested by a client.


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