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As one of the top Angular Development Company, we blend agile concepts, an innovator’s perspective, and our considerable experience to design single-page applications. One of the key reasons to utilize Angular is its Enterprise level capability and extensive feature set, which aids in achieving a quick time to market. Also, Angular has ready-made modules that help with project growth, making it a good enterprise application choice.

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We have developed multiple projects from different industries across the globe and our team of AngularJS developers are always there to understand your requirements and help you bring your ideas to technical working projects.

Recent Work

dancero online event management platform
search for dance event
dancers events


Dancero is an online event management platform that allows dance trainers to book venues and dancers to sign up for events. Dancero offers services like ticket booking, event listing, and event management.

doctoray telemedicine platform
consult with doctors online
how to book doctor


Doctoray is a telemedicine platform for booking your doctor appointment anywhere and anytime online. This type of app would solve patient problems by contact with doctors online in the comfort of your home using chat, phone, or video call features.

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Angularjs Development Services, We Offer

As a leading AngularJS development company, we provide top-notch AngularJS web development services at competitive prices across the globe. Our AngularJS developers are experienced in the latest tools and technologies. Our experienced programmers are using their knowledge to develop fast, highly interactive, and fully responsive applications for small and large-scale businesses as per their requirements.

Custom AngularJS Development

Every business has its own requirements and goals. They need a custom AngularJS development company that can build web applications according to their business vision. To match business requirements we utilize our area of experience and technology.

AngularJS Mobile App Development

As a leading AngularJS mobile app development company, we offer world-class Angular JS development services. Our developers use the latest frameworks like Ionic and Cordova which help them build mobile apps by loading web resources to a native web view component.

eCommerce Application Development

Our developers use the AngularJS system to make streamlined, secure, and faultless eCommerce apps that fit customer requirements. We create robust e-commerce websites and apps using different technologies that are full of features and functionality.

Migration and Upgrade Services

We provide reliable migration and upgrade services to relocate your current application to the new version of Angular. Our team of AngularJS developers is an expert in upgrading your app with the latest version of Angular.

Single-Page Application Development

Single-page app development is a completely new approach to how web pages function and behave. We have experienced AngularJS developers who build fast, dynamic, and secure single-page applications for our clients to give delightful user experiences.

PWA Development

As a prominent AngularJS mobile app development company, we specialize in developing fully-featured progressive web apps. We cater progressive web app development services at an affordable cost.

Industries We Build Angular Js Solutions For!

AngularJS has a wide range of features and functionalities that make it suitable for building complex web applications for various industries. Its modular architecture, two-way data binding, dependency injection, and routing capabilities make it a popular choice for building single-page applications (SPAs), enterprise web applications, and mobile applications. However, Innvonix has vast experience in serving major industries like.

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Foods & Restaurants

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Banking & Finance

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E-commerce & Retail

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Tours & Travel

healthcare icon

Health & Fitness

transport industry icon

Transport & Logistics

realestate industry icon

Real Estate

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Media & Entertainment

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Why Choose Innvonix For Angular Js Development Services

As a well-known AngularJS development company Innvonix delivers the best-in-class AngularJS web development solutions for serving business needs. We are delivering the best-in-class solutions at a competitive cost across the globe. Here are some major factors why clients choose Innvonix for AngularJS web app development:

Dedicated Developers

We have a team of skilled Angular developers who are experienced in delivering high-end business solutions using the latest frameworks and technologies.

Flexible Engagement Models

We follow flexible hiring models to hire developers on an hourly, part-time, and full-time basis as per your business requirements. So we offer flexibility to our clients select according to budget.

Maintenance & Support

Apart from development, we offer our clients quick maintenance and support services. We use the latest frameworks and technologies to gain the highest customer satisfaction.

On-Time Delivery

We have a team of dedicated AngularJS developers who adopt proven test-driven development approaches to maintain the highest level of software quality and ensure project completion within the timeframe.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing structure is very cost-effective and transparent. We offer quality services at an affordable rate across the globe.

Integrity & Transparency

As an AngularJS development company, we follow a more transparent work culture to meet your development needs.

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Why Choose Angular Js For Web Development

Two-way Data Binding

AngularJS uses two-way data binding that enables developers to make changes in the coding easily. So it saves a lot of time and allows a simpler and less intrusive approach.

Supports Mvc

AngularJS supports MVC architecture that enables AngularJS development companies to save time and deliver the project on time.

Large Community Support

AngularJS was developed by Google and it has large community support that is always ready to help each other in finding solutions to their concerns.

Real-time Testing

AngularJS offers end-to-end unit testing that supports features such as dependency injection, code understanding, error checking, and test application easily.


AngularJS offers extreme flexibility that works with a variety of libraries. This means that you create single-page applications to get your website out faster.

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