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Android is the one of most used mobile operating systems in the market. It currently holds the position of the top used mobile operating system worldwide. Innvonix is a leading Android app development company having 7+ years of experience in developing mobile applications. Our certified experts can provide excellent Android app development services according to your needs.

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To create Android applications, we often utilize Android Studio with Java and Kotlin. Java is an easy-to-use, effective, and reliable object-oriented programming language that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as Android apps, big data, embedded systems, the web,and servers.

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Kotlin, which utilizes the Java virtual machine (JVM) and offers additional capabilities that make it a developer’s preference. Kotlin provides a shorter program for the same task. It can be easily used in all operating systems like iOS, MacOS and embedded systems.

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Recent Work

dancero online event management platform
search for dance event
dancers events


Dancero is an online event management platform that allows dance trainers to book venues and dancers to sign up for events. Dancero offers services like ticket booking, event listing, and event management.

doctoray telemedicine platform
consult with doctors online
how to book doctor


Doctoray is a telemedicine platform for booking your doctor appointment anywhere and anytime online. This type of app would solve patient problems by contact with doctors online in the comfort of your home using chat, phone, or video call features.

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    Cost- Effective

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    Transparent Ecosystem

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    Data Security

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    Wide User Base

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    Advanced Integration

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    Business Friendly

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    Low Investment and High ROI

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    Quick Deployment.

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Based on the cost incurred by the resource utilization in a particular time period.

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    No Hidden Costs

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    Pay Only For Measurable Work Done

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    Quick Onboarding

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Resource Hiring Based

Based on the need for a dedicated pool of IT resources as per the requirement, preference and expectation.

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    Direct Communication with the Developers

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    Discounted Rates for Long-Term Contracts

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