Engagement Model

Engagement Model

Innvonix gives option to their customer to choose model depending on their budget and requirement. We mainly offer three types of project execution model.

Fixed Cost Based Time and Material Resource Hiring
  • Based on a specification mentioning the cost as well as deliverables and timelines to ensure that all needs are met within stipulated timeline

  • Based on the cost incurred by the resource utilization in a particular time period

  • Based on the need for a dedicated pool of IT resources as per the requirement, preference and expectation.

When to Choose
  • Well defined and specified services with relatively lower to medium levels of complexities.

  • Projects with a little scope for changes and enhancements during execution.

  • Actively participating clients with a very strong decision making capabilities while providing a strong and regular feedback.

  • Projects with variable scopes due to which accurate cost estimation is a complex task.

  • Projects with evolving specifications, emerging technologies and undocumented business processes.

  • Large scale and complex projects are best executed using this approach.

  • Large scale and complex projects.

  • Scarcity of good resources.

  • Inadequate IT skills and rare skill resources.

  • Hiring & training issues.

  • High employee attrition rate.

  • High employee cost and inflation.

  • Improper utilization of resources

  • Risk mitigation.

  • Delivery within stipulated time frame

  • Calculated cost with desired quality.

  • Milestone for payments

  • Adequate modification scope during execution

  • Regular update on process and progress based on which clients can plan forward to squeeze or expand the project.

  • Resource continuation, knowledge retention and complete control over resources and processes.

  • Access to a highly competent resource pool having expertise across a range of technologies and industry verticals.

  • Allows clients to access experienced IT services at a predictable cost in a predictable environment while focusing internal resources on strategic priorities.

  • Resource continuation, knowledge retention and complete control over resources and processes.